Our approach

About SCL

SUNSHINE CHANGING LANES is a not for profit social enterprise limited company. We are a humanistic, non political, non religious organisation that supports individuals to resolve inner conflicts and address anger management and recover from life events. We also help in developing coping strategies, awareness and personal growth by exploring other strong emotions like guilt, loneliness, fears and shame. We support people to understand and learn to cope with anxieties, stress and frustrations by learning about their “self-concept”.

We provide life coaching in a safe, professional, dignified and flexible approach. We offer personal coaching as well as group work opportunities. Our learning experiences span from one to one or education in small or large groups and workshop environments. We also offer staff training in which individuals can reflect on emotions, internal conflicts, implicit attitudes and explicit behaviours or explosive reactions. Our aims are to maximize self esteem and growth. Underpin individual and personal actualising tendencies.

Our work in SUNSHINE CHANGING LANES is to marry the hidden harm in the two personas. i.e to help people to explore ways of bridging the gap between self image. Our reel self, it’s esteem and the ideal self and it’s presenting conflict with our world. We do this through building understanding and providing frameworks which make sense of experiences. We educate and facilitate how to learn to come to terms with and slow down the internal conflict / critic, promoting an understanding of the inner critic/self concept by carefully and sensitively sharing seeds of strength that forge a new belief system of coping in relations. We do this through experiential exercises and sharing life experiences. This establishes and inspires the conditions of authenticity to rebuild positive self worth and self esteem for those that struggle with their explosive critic and harmed or misunderstood self image/concept.