Group Discussion
Level 1: Maintaining Stronger Relationships

Our level 1, 16 hour workshop focuses on feelings of frustrations, anger and our behaviours.. How to understand conflict resolution skills for healthier relationships.

Level 2: Understanding anxieties and resilience

Our level 2, 16 hour workshop focuses on understanding anxieties and fears, developing resilience  awareness and coping strategies for a more balanced feeling.

Level 3: Overcoming Isolation and Loneliness.

This more in depth level 3, 16hr workshop shares insight into personality drivers and the hidden harm in isolation and loneliness. We learn how to manage this concept.

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"The Building Brighter Esteem Model"

About Sunshine Changing Lanes (SCL)

Sunshine Changing Lanes. (SCL) works with and offers support on behavioural and emotional reasoning, through delivering educating, experiential awareness events. Whilst we are not therapy our models aid in understanding personal implicit and explicit reactions that invite conflict with others or in the self esteem. Our anger management, anxiety and stress reducing model educates through emotional experience, processing from reflections over life events which invites cognitive learning and reasoning via choice and personal growth, this promoting self esteem and positive well-being.

Emma. 22. York. UK

"Changed my life. I have had therapy and so many different approaches of help. I found this method  showed me how to understand my side of things. This helped me to move on.

Thank you."

Dave 48. UK.

"Iv'e finally found something that I can believe in that works, something I can trust to support me when I need support. The tools and skills Iv'e learned from  SCL will stay with me  forever.

Really appreciate your help."

Tiffany 52. UK

"This revolutionary approach to self discovery is second to none. Beats by far any clinical approach and gets to the  point in a safe and  appropriate fashion. Everyone should do these courses. Even children."